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Amanda Moldovan

A yeehaw Artist and Production Assistant 🤠

About Me

            Amanda Moldovan is a skilled animator, production assistant, graphic designer, and professional weirdo.

             When shes not busy getting goats out of tight situations they always manage to get themselves into, she peruses her love of the arts. In school, she crawled her way through the jungles of the amazon to get her BFA in Animation. Being a University of Central Florida student taught her what it was like to work in a studio environment and create a short animated film. Since then she has had animation jobs around the US, started her own art business, directed another short, and worked as a painting instructor. She now works at Elite Animation Academy teaching the next generation of artists. 

            Her hobbies include Dungeons and Dragons, rock and roll, and re watching old Muppet show episodes. Raised in the state of Florida, she found herself inspired by the world around her and began to create. The world hasn’t been the same since.


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Delivery - Short film

         Persephone seems to be an average delivery woman in the average city of New Orleans. But shes not just dropping off boxes, shes dropping off souls to the afterlife!


         Through a mix up she finds herself in the underworld delivering evil souls to a spooky manor, guarded by a hell hound who’s more than she seems. It was supposed to be a normal drop, but it seems this soul has other plans. 👻


Short film UCF class of 2020

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